Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We're on our last full day here. Tomorrow evening we fly home. Yea!!! It's been long, but good. The night train from Chiang Mai was an experience-- not too uncomfortable, but noisy. I didn't sleep that well. They never turned off the lights and I couldn't close my curtain because it got too hot. At 4:30 in the morning I remembered that I had an eye mask in my purse, dug it out, and did a little better, but I was very stiff in the morning.
We visited Global English School on Tuesday. It's a Christian school, full of Buddhists mostly. They have to pay for the education and send their kids there because it teaches English. They also teach Christianity. It was a big contrast from many of the other ministries we've seen thata minister to the poor and outcast. But, the rich people need Christ too. Thailand is a country that is about 99% Buddhist, especially here in Bangkok. We might try to visit a Buddhist temple tomorrow before we leave.
We also traveled down the main river by water taxi. Bangkok has its share of traffic issues, so water taxi is a much nicer way to travel. Ate dinner in a mall.
On Wednesday we taught English to some college students in half hour segments. Our group taught US geography and had them practice answering/asking questions. These college students were 20-22, had 3 more years of school, were mostly tech students, had never had jobs, and had horrible English, but it was still fun.
In the afternoon we visited a ministry that does gospel presentations in the schools and then follows it up with a correspondence Bible course for kids. The schools are open to these presentations, and they're having a small impact.
Katy seems to be at the end of her rope, not feeling well this morning. Pray for her.

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  1. We will pray for Katy. Dan and Kristy are back but Dan called off the Wednesday evening class tonight so you won't miss anything after all! We are getting excited to come see all of you in Seattle when you arrive home again. Enjoy your remaining time in Thailand and don't forget about the city tour of Seoul in Korea.