Thursday, August 6, 2009

final day

We're all anxious to leave. Katy is feeling better today, but Jean got very sick during the night. Plese pray that she will be well enough to get on the plane tonight. Roger is doctoring her, but he thinks it's a she has to ride it out to some extent.
Part of the group is having trouble getting on their flight today. Five of them are flying Eva airlines. their layover is in Taipei. I guess there was a typhoon there for the past few days and our 5 people are getting bumped from their flight. They're being told it could be 3 or 4 days. Pray for them as well.
Yesterday we did our 'stuff' at a "christian" school run by the Global English School. I say "christian," because they've just taken this school over, and not all the teachers there are christian. The school also teaches mostly in Thai, so that made communication difficult. It is a school for rich kids; they act more like typical Americans.
In the evening we went out to a nice restaurant on the water--not fancy, but good food. We finished with ice cream at the mall. I think I've made more trips to the mall on this trip than I normally do in a year at home. Very tired of that!!
Again, please pray for the health of our team, especially Jean.

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